20 thiết kế phòng khách biệt thự đẹp

Green may be one of the favorite colors of designers because it’s refreshing and relaxing not only to the eyes, but to our entire being. It gives off an aura that of warmth and love on a sunny day, wherein we see all the greens in our backyard and then we tell ourselves, “this is the life.”

Today, we will be showing you 20 Refreshing Green-Themed Living Rooms that are samples of what we were telling you about. The relaxing and refreshing warmth this color is giving off! All the photos that we will be sharing today are living room designs that we know everyone will love to see every day. Come on and take a tour with us!

Inverness Circle

Inverness Circle

Image: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Our first sample indeed shows us a vision of how the sun gives us warmth in the morning! The color green gives off a feel of comfort and beauty.

Modern Green Seattle Remodel

Seattle Remodel

Image: Seattle Staged To Sell

This modern home is using grey and beige as its main color for the room, but adding an accent wall in green sure made it more homey and pretty!

Nashville Traditional Living Room

Nashville Traditional

Image: Jim Courtney

How bright can one room go? Looking at this space, the use of darker furniture creates a bold statement when using lighter but brighter wall paint.

Residential Remodel

Residential Remodels

Image: Borden Interiors & Associates

This living room sure makes a play house jealous! The pretty color is paired with plain white sofas and an accent chair in different fabric plus adding printed pillows created more love in this photo!

Traditional Living Room

Barbara Schaver

Image: Barbara Schaver

How do you like this simple traditional home? Because we sure love it! From the furniture to the decor, and to the color palette too!

City Chic Living

City Chic

Image: Gacek Design

Using a lighter shade of green makes a room seems brighter and calmer!

Houston Estate

Houston Estate

Image: Riehl Designs, Inc.

This room may seem crowded because of the huge furniture and looks smaller because of the lighting, but it sure looks more than a home to live in! Comfortable and definitely in style!

Orinda Family Fun Room

Orinda Family

Image: Cecile Lozano Interiors

Prints and textures are two of the things we can definitely see in this living space. Although at some point it looks contradicting, but the patterns used made all of it more stunning and creatively done!

Vickburg Eclectic Living Room

Vickburg Eclectic

Image: Barker O’Donoghue

We personally love the paint used to color the walls. It is bright and fun, and purely refreshing to the eye.

Giorgetti Penthouse 2 – Plaza

Giorgetti Penthouse

Image: Inform Interiors

The color green looks like just tidbits in this wide and well-lit space, but it added all the nature and love it needs!

Riverside Drive NYC Living Room

Riverside Drive

Image: Willey Design LLC

Don’t you just love the blinds used for this living room? The combination of blues, greens and striped reddish browns looks fab in this picture!

Los Angeles Family Room

Los Angeles

Image: Sara Ingrassia Interiors

This southern home is a mix of home and vacation! Who ever said that it’s not possible, then you should visit this home!

Southern California Renovation

Southern California

Image: Joni Koenig Interiors

With a touch of classic and modern styles, this home can possibly win coziest living room! With the lighting treatment it has along with all the pillows in it, who wouldn’t be able to sleep in here?

Green and Brown Living Room

Green Brown

Image: Shytakun

Tell us about your thoughts about this living room!

Green Day

Day Green

Image: Zigshot82

It may seem overly styled in green, but hey! This living room is surely a keeper!

Green Living Room

Ngo Design

Image: NGO Design

White furniture may be the best thing created to match any style, any color and any era!

Green Kitchen N Living Room

Semsa N

Image: Semsa

How do you like using ultra-modern furniture for your home? The wall dividers are astonishing too!

Living Room – Green

Drew Brand

Image: DrewBrand

This room is warm and inviting, thanks to the relaxing color used for the walls and accents in the room.

Living Room

Living Room

Image: GorgeB

This is one favorite living room we like to repost because of the Mediterrean touch it has because of the carpet design and the colors used in this space.

Living Room Green

Evil Wata

Image: Evilwata

The TV console sure looks pretty with its chocolate brown color which stands out because of the green-striped wall!

Won’t you agree with us when we say that it was indeed a great and fabulous set of photos that is relaxing and refreshing because when we look at the color green – whatever the shade is, it calms our eyes and lets it rest. That was our 20 Refreshing Green-Themed Living Rooms, we hope you loved them! Here is another link about blue living room designs for further inspirations!

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